At Custom Cycle Engineering, all of our products are manufactured in our facility in San Diego CA. 

Legendary Strength

Legendary Quality

For over 50 years 

Fork Tubes

For over 30 years we have been manufacturing extension fork tubes. We start with DOM 1026 steel tubing that is ordered specially from a tubing mill. Then we centerless grind the outside diameter to OEM specifications and also machine the rest of the tube to exact ID specs.

We buff the material to a mirror finish and chrome plate the final product to a show chrome finish. This is a product that we are very familiar with and we cover every Harley-Davidson fork tube model all the way back to 1949.

We maintain a large inventory and offer sizes from 4″ under stock FL to 20″ over stock FL. When ordering please specify model and year.

Dresser Tour Trac Trees

Custom Cycle Engineering has moved forward with our rich triple tree history and developed a brand new top triple tree for all the Harley-Davidson FLH Touring models. The new billet aluminum top plate is designed to replace the old stock steel forged top tree that the Factory has been running from 1950 up through the 2009 models. The new top plate is a pinch bolt style and offers over 2 ¼” of clamping stability to the front forks.
The new pinch bolt design is a break away approach that dramatically improves handling, tracking and overall stabilization.

Swing Arm Kits

Swing Arm Kits

The swing arm conversion kits are a positive answers to the inherent ill handling problems of the popular Dresser models

We offer 2 different solutions to upgrade your 1980-2001 FLT’S & FXR’S Swing Arms.

You can choose to keep your existing swing arm and upgrade from the Cleve Bloc Bushings to the Spherical Bearings using the “Swing Arm Retro Fit Kit”


You can obtain a newer stronger swing arm from a 2002 and up model and use our “Late Model Swing Arm Kit” that will make it fit your bike.

Dresser Steering Damper

Steering Damper for Dresser CCE has developed the 1st Steering Damper system for the Harley Dresser models. Custom Designed clamps  and brackets position a Shindy Steering Stabilizer in the optimum location so the damper can be installed with minimum effort. The installation of the Steering Damper stabilizes the front fork and helps with front end wobble. The damper is mounted parallel to the frame. Fits most Dressers up to 2007 with out fixed fairing and only fits stock front ends. ie. crash bars, triple trees and slider covers.

Triple Trees

Custom Cycle Engineering started building custom triple trees back in the late 1960’s.We developed one of the first narrow-glide and wide-glide billet steel triple trees on the custom market.We also introduced custom widths in those years with what we called 2″ and 3″ narrow 41mm triple trees. But our most successful triple tree design were certainly the 35mm wide-glide conversion.
This gave all the narrow-glide owners the opportunity to customize their stock front ends without investing in a completely new fork.
The popularity of billet aluminum in the custom market turned our attention to this new medium.Now we offer the widest variety and fitment of aluminum triple trees on the market.Our line of trees covers all the standard Harley fork tube sizes and we have three different centerline widths:  narrow-glide, mid-glide and wide-glide. Phil Day at Daytec, one of the premium frame builders in the industry, highly recommends the use of our triple tree products and uses them on his personal bikes.      

More Billet Accessories for your Bike

Most of our Accessories are available in Chrome, Polished or anodized in Black

Narrow Glide Trees 39 & 41mm

Tweek Bars 39, 41 & 49mm

Rocker Box Covers

Off Set Risers

Fork Trusses 35, 39, 41 & 49mm

Springer Accessories

Jewelled Accessories

Finned Accessories

FLT/FLH Motor Mount

Dyna Motor Mounts

Motor Mounts

If you feel your bike being pulled to the left or to the right there’s a very good chance you power train is out of alignment. And guess what, there’s not much you can do about that with your current set up.


Until now…. CCE designed all our motor mounts with adjustable links and brackets. With measurement tools so you know exactly where the motor needs to be for perfect alignment. 


You may have also experineced vibration and having to replace broken motor mounts. We’ve addressed these issues as well by engineeringing brackets to increase performance. We’ve cut no corners and have created the very best motor mounts on the market. All made right here in the USA.

More Accessories

Billet parts that are a must for the serious rider

Handle Bar Risers

Solenoid Housing Switches

Gas Caps

Foot Peg Elevators

Lamp Clamps

Cable Clamps

Fender Spacers

Wheel Conversions

Pastie Kits

Axle Caps

No Pain Oil Drain

Stator Keepers

Latest News

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