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Offset and

Glider Risers

We offer two styles of custom handle bar risers. The Glide Risers have been a staple of our product line since the early 70’s and the equally popular 2″ Offset Risers. Both have been copied many times but they have never beenequaled in quality and style. The Glide Risers impart a clean and simple line to the front-end and doesn’t overpower a stock or custom look. The 2″ Offset Risers are similar to the “Dawgbone” Risers except theyare bolted to the trees through the bottom via 1/2-13 bolts.

Note: We recommend our Solid Damper Kit be used with our Offset Risers. SDK 2600-2




Our Springer “Dawgbone” Risers are the perfect accompaniment to the nostalgic Springer fork that the factory reinforced. The design of these risers is a glance back into the past to what the early stock dog bone risers might have looked like today. These risers are designed to just clear the speedometer nacelle. The offset on the risers moves the bars closer to the rider by 2″.

The highest quality of material is used to build these parts; no weak castings like other imitators. Two finishes are available; Chrome Plated or Black Powder Coat.

CCE 5822  Chrome Plated

CCE 5823  Black Powder Coat

RG 5822 Replacement Rubber Grommets