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The front motor mount borrows proven technology from early FXR ISO rubber mounts. We’ve also added an adjustable stabilizing link from the motor to the frame to further control stability. 

DMM 2014-1E  1992-2005

DMM 2014-1L  2006-Present

The rear mount utilizes two proprietary damper bushings aligned on top of each other and clamped in an aluminum housing. This enhances both lateral and torsional movement of the swing arm.

DMM 2014-2

The Engine Equator 1 allows the rider to dial in the engine to perfect power train alignment, elimination the guess work by sliding the engine left or right using the built in hash marks.

CCE 2014-1

This new Top Link is rubber iosolated, adjustable and greatly reduces vibration especially at high speeds. This replaces the stock link which is metal to metal from the top motor mount to the frame. Reduce engine vibration and align the power train with this link.

TSL 2014-1  (1992-2004)

TSL 2014-2  (2005-Present)

The Engine Equator II is designed for all 2009 to present touring models (FLH’s & FLT’s). The new bracket allows riders to correct chassis misalignment which is impossible to achieve with the stock motor mount. This new billet aluminum bracket replaces the forged front engine bracket. Equipped with slots for the engine bolts and a series of hash marks the motor is now able to move right or left in the frame to achieve perfect power train alignment. In addition to the adjustment motor mount we have added an adjustable Stabilizing Link to the bracket that attaches to a convenient frame lug.

CCE 2015-1